Different Blogging Platforms

What are the differences?


In the world of constant growth of technological trends, blogging has remained one the most popular outlets for online writing, reviews, and discussions. With the constant need for sharing one’s ideas and opinions, the only decision that really matters when getting started is which platform to choose from. There are the reigning kings of the blogging realm such as WordPress and Blogger, but there are also the newcomers from Ghost who praise themselves for implementing a more simple design.

WordPress is considered to be the golden child of the blogging household for it’s features and its ability for customization. Due to its popularity (being downloaded more than 45 million times), the amount of creative input and customization available to the users is beyond vast. That being said, the amount of customization and add-on features could overwhelm any new bloggers taking their first steps.

Blogger was once the “top cat” in blogging circles and is where most bloggers got their start, however in recent years they are paling in comparison when thrown up against the customization features accessible with WordPress. Still, Blogger remains one the most used blogging platforms in today’s society and only time will tell if they decided to change with the times.

Ghost is a fairly new blogging tool that was funded with the help of donations made from Kickstarter. IT is an open-source application that prides itself on simplicity. Their stated goal is to “spend less time making your blog work and more time blogging,” and in doing so they have created a system where you can preview your content’s final design as you write. While their constant pull for simplicity may seem fresh and inventive now, there may be some repercussions concerning lack of customizations and user creative input later on.


Based on these comparisons I have chosen to stick with WordPress because it seems to be reigning champ in the blogging world. Even though it may be overwhelming at first, the amount of choices available are matched by no competitors.


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