Month: February 2014

Video Killed the Internet Star


Elementary, My Dear Watson

According to websites are usually created with three major elements in mind:

  • Visual – created with images and CSS styling
  • Aural – created with music and voice-over
  • Conceptual – created with text

These presentational devices are used the exact same way today as they have been for thousands of years.

  • Visual – expressed in painting and sculptures
  • Aural – expressed in dance and song
  • Conceptual – expressed in literature and poetry

Video is the integration of these concepts. It is the image (visual), music (aural), and story (conceptual) all rolled into one. If a sculpture could be surmised as a three-dimensional painting, then video is a two-dimensional theatre.

Instead of thinking of video as an interchangeable format to text and images, it should be seen as an integration of all of these elements, demanding the audience’s undivided attention.

For What it’s Worth

Video Value is three-fold:

  1. Improved User Engagement
  2. Brand Awareness
  3. Search Engine Optimization

Value #1 User Engagement

Reading is an active experience  that gives the audience full control over the pace and cognitive process at which they read. You’re given the option to either read the text in its entirety, or skim through to find which elements are most relevant to you.

Video offers very little freedom in terms of consumption. The content is either seen in its entirety, or fails to hold the attention of the audience and they stop watching. Additionally, watching a video is a passive experience. When users press “play,” they are asking to be shown something; asking to be given the content in an integrated form, rather than finding the meaning themselves.


Value #2 Branding

Video is able to recreate the experience of being face to face with someone on a much closer scale than through audio, image, or text. Through moving likeness and recorded image, we can display much of who we are, as people, through physical and verbal expression. This has proven to be extremely important for it allows companies to show a more personal side considerably more efficiently  than through audio, image, and text.

Ice Portal states that online video can also indicate professionalism and brand quality. If a company has enough time, money and skill to create high quality video, then they are usually seen as a legitimate business.

Value #3 Positive Signals to Search Engines

Top Rank: Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an extremely valuable resource that video can implement by:

  1. Generating more traffic through rich snippets
    Search engine result pages usually show links with thumbnail images attached to indicate that the webpage contains a video.
  2. Improving conversions
    Through increasing engagement and trust, video content can be a great way of driving greater conversions, particularly on commercial pages.
  3. Link Building
    Links are an important factor with which search engines determine the authority of a piece of content based on relevancy.
  4. Presence on Video Search Engines
    The only way to get a presence on Video Search Engines is to have video content and a channel which will drive brand awareness, referrals and sales.

Where’s an Outlet, Man?

Over the past decade, Youtube has become the mighty juggernaut in the video marketing game with its ability to allow users to create, edit, and publish as much content as they desire. From a video marketing standpoint, this can be both beneficial and overwhelming.

With literally millions of users producing endless amounts of content, how can one be sure that anyone will take the time to watch a video marketed towards their business? It all comes down to whether or not a story is being told involving the three major elements: visual, aural, and conceptual.


The goal of any video is to either entertain, instruct, or provide useful/interesting information. To succeed in this you need to think about who is going to search and watch this particular video. Keep in mind the fact that most users who see your videos through link sharing sites are unlikely to have prior knowledge of your business. Meaning that you will have to work for their attention by always producing creative and interesting content.