Secret (Change) Agent Man

Agents of Change

Change Agents are people with the vision and skills to implement a change in an organizational culture or business practice. Because there are so many different people involved in every aspect of the digital revolution, it is difficult to have a complete overview of the entire operation. Therefore change agents are looked at to spearhead their particular sector to reach its full potential whether it be in telecommunications, broadcasting, or media and computer programming.

The top four technologies that I can see having the most impact would have to be Adobe, Content Managing Systems, Social Media,  and Cloud Storage.

Adobe’s products havAdobe Creative Cloude been the bees knees for over the past fifteen years and they only seem to be getting better. with their latest leap towards innovation, Adobe Creative Cloud, they have given graphic designers the ability to save and share their content using the cloud storage system. This enables designers the freedom to have access their work from any computer with same software installed.

Content Management Systems are usually made up of two things: a Content Management Application (CMA) and a Content Delivery Application (CDA). The CMA is what allows the author of the site to add or remove information on the site without prior knowledge of any Hypertext Language needed. The CDA is an application that compiles all of the data given by the author along with the already existing code to produce the working site. With the need for companies to produce more and more original content/products, CMS are definitely the way of the future. It gives these companies an easy to use  and professional outlet for their business.social_media_management_tampa

Social Media has certainly blown up in the past decade, and it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere any time soon. Popular social outlets such as Facebook and Twitter have become the footer for any business urging consumers to patron their products. As time goes on I believe that social media will continue to grow and become even more immersed with not only pop culture, but with political and social movements as well.

Cloud Storage is a way to store and share content through servers called data centers. These facilities are simply there to house ans store the information shared by the users. They can be anywhere from small operations to the size of a warehouse due the amount of equipment needed. Today’s social society is already used to simple cloud storage systems such as blog posts and social media sites. In the future it is quite possible that everything from music files to entire bodies of work will be uploaded to cloud storage systems and allowed to live forever in the digital frontier.

Am I Changing?
I don’t necessarily see myself as a change agent just yet. However, with the skills that I am currently mastering I hope to be someone worth taking note of in this field. The things we can accomplish in this day and age with the amount of technology being released every minute is staggering and overwhelming. In order to change along with technology, we as designers must accept that nothing ever remains the same.




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