CMS Introducción

Content Management SystemsMoving-animated-clip-art-dont-panic-picture

Certain features are crucial to make Content Management Systems (CMS) as effective as they need to be. First of all, a CMS is a program that allows users to manipulate, edit, and publish content for their site without having to know hypertext language or cascading stylesheets. Prominent customers of the CMS variety include blogs, news, and shopping sites.

Important Features

  • Single-source Functionality: each chunk of content is stored only one time in a single repository, enabling maximum content reuse and eliminating duplicate content.
  • Content Reuse: ability to reuse content across multiple documents without duplicating it and to have immediate access to reused content.
  • Integrations with editing tools: editors take advantage of the CMS functionality through a menu on the toolbar of their favorite authoring/editing software.
  • Remote access: remote users access the system through a secure Web interface.
  • On-site training and ongoing customer support: implementation goes smoothly and future questions get answered.

Additional Featureswordpress-logo-simplified-rgb

  • Graphical workflow: managers create a graphical representation of the workflow process with checkpoints and email notifications to alert users of the project’s status and next step.
  • Full Unicode support: unique character sets, such as Japanese, Russian, and Arabic, are supported in the system.


Any good CMS should allow for customization of page titles, meta description, meta keywords, and H-tags. These will optimize the chance of users finding your company while searching for relatable products.

Why learn more about CMS?index

Because content management systems are becoming more and more popular, it is very important for designers to learn all they can about them. Clients are looking for a more direct way to improve their online footprint, and hiring someone to watch over their site isn’t what they’re looking for anymore. These days they want access to their products without all of the hard work and effort that comes with web development.

The best way to make these clients happy is to give them what they want, and with all of options CMS’ provide they really can run their company (for the most part). Ways to learn more about CMS’ are through sites like and getsimple, there you can learn just about everything you need to start up you own content management system.


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