Top 3 Web Resources

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Something every designer should have in their arsenal of online weaponry are web resources. These come in all shapes and forms from video to online blogs such as this. Here are a few of my favorites that I hold with the highest regard for both beginners and veterans.

Of all of the sites that produce tutorials and instructions, certainly takes the cake. With over 2,500 different video course to choose from, there are limitless possibilities to yLyndaou can learn.

These courses range from digital media skills like 3D-Animation, photography, and web development to business skills and that can help you get a job.

Not only are their video tutorials educational and informative, but they are also made with some of the highest quality. is a company that prides itself on their professional know-how and there is better way of proving that they are the top quality than by producing a great looking product.



Certainly there are sites that are more colorful, attractive and welcoming than, but don’t be fooled, this site has saved designer’s lives more than they care to admit.

For beginners, this site will be your bread and butter because it has everything you need for lessons concerning HTML and CSS. It offers a steady progression of tutorials that explain everything in a language that anyone can understand. They even have a section for live mark-up so you can see the effects of what code can do to webpage.


Mozilla School of Webcraft

This is one that I haven’t had too much practice with, however from what I have been able to learn within the past few days, mozilla school of webcraft is one of the funnest tutorial sites I’ve ea48340799b547827a1094f737e27d600ver seen.

Mozilla School of Webcraft is a Peer to Peer (P2P) university that strives to be a learning organization outside of institutional walls.

Their values are openness, community, and peer learning.

Openness – everyone can participate and anyone can use it.

Community – driven by volunteers who are involved in all aspects of the project.

Peer Learning – teaching and learning by peers for peers. Everyone has something to contribute and  everyone can learn something new.



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