Indiana Jones and the Templates of Doom

CMS Templatesindy_oh_yes

When it comes to using a CMS, it’s usually best to customize an existing template rather than creating one from scratch. This puts less pressure on the developer and guarantees a working product for the client. After all, the reason why we’re learning how to develop these content managing systems is to eventually be hired by clients who want to be able to manage a site for their company (without the need of a programmer).

A site that I found interesting with it’s approach to design was Here they have developed a a beautiful integration of information rich features with a modernized layout. Our project will consist of selling shoes to customers, so there’s going to have to be some changes, but I feel like this site definitely has the approach that I want to take.

I believe every site that is promoting a product needs to include a slider of some sort. Torangehat being said, Orange has created a visually stimulating slider and I believe that with the usage of high quality images and smooth transitions, our group project will be able to achieve the same effect.

As a group we decided to develop an ecommerce based site that includes several different types of products with categories, a shopping cart, and customer based reviews. To add these features to our site we looked at both the django  and the woocommerce  plugins. While both had very interesting features and options, we felt that it would just be easier to stick with woocommerce being that it doesn’t stray too far from the WordPress formula.

While brainstorming about all of the things that we wanted to include on our site, a lot of question came up about whether or not we could really make all of them work. with content rich sites it’s always a fear that we might not be able to create the best site possible. However, the beauty about WordPress is that as a CMS, it’s customizable almost to a fault. with limitless plugins and endless customizations at your fingertips, there should be no worry whether or not you can add something to your site. I suppose the only thing really holding you back is your ability to manage it.



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