Life is like an Image Slider

Image Slider

What makes a site appealing comes down to a variety of components. When theseforrest-gump-profile components are thrown together in just the right way, something special can really happen (and of course by “thrown together” I mean fine tune and nit pick with every last detail).

One of the crucial elements to include on a customized CMS site would be an image slider. These are specific galleries of images that developers place on the home page of a site in order to advertise the very site you are visiting. In order to keep visitors on these sites, designers choose the best quality images along with eye-catching titles and descriptions.

The CMS that I am using in my group project is the almighty Here we have dozens of different types of image sliders to choose from. Our group has decided to develop a shopping site that sells high end shoes and footwear, therefore the appropriate thing to include in our slider would be something with a professional kick.

Looking through all of the different types of  sliders together, we decided on using the HUGE-IT slider. It is one of the highest rated image sliders based on the consensus from and fscreenshot-1rom the testing that we went through, it sure looks beautiful.

The HUGE-IT comes with unlimited amount of image space, a drag and drop functionality for easy to update customer service, and automated short-code for the easier process of adding the slider to a webpage.


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