Missing Feature

Harry Potter and the Missing Feature

One of the most frustrating things that a designer has to deal with is making the page look good. Whether it’s a factor of the design elements used or something in the back-end of the code, it always takes more time to fix than one desires. invisibility-cloak

As a group, we were definitely having troubles creating an aesthetically pleasing site to go along with the complicated ins-and-outs of the Woocommerce plugin. Eventually our teacher suggested we try a plugin called What the File.

What the File is a plugin that allows you to view what file and template parts are used to display the page you’re currently viewing. You can click the file name to directly edit it through the theme editor, though it is not normally suggested to try this with big changes. It is currently at a five-star rating on the WordPress rating and reviews page, while being last upwhatthefiledated in March of this year.

Following the installation of this plugin, we as a group were easily able to  find and fix almost every problem in our layout thanks to this great functioning plugin.


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