Tears for Fears of the CMS

Best CMS

There are many different types of Content Management Systems in the digital Tears_For_Fears_1379683357_crop_550x366world, but not all of them are easy to work with. Personally I want to delve into this beast called WordPress. From all of the reviews that I have read it seems to be the reigning champion.

WordPress is a web software built by hundreds of community volunteers who contribute thousands of different plugins for endless customization. Sure, it’s a bit daunting but the fact of the matter is that WordPress sites are what clients and customers need.

As designers and developers, we need to be able to sell a product that people will buy. There really is no better way to do that than buy using WordPress as your CMS. It allows you to create a site up to the specifications of the client, then gives the client complete control over which content they wish to sell.wordpress-logo-simplified-rgb

What intrigues me the most about WordPress is the fact that there are literally thousands of different plugins that you can use to customize your site. Of course I’ll always be partial to the development process of the static HTML site, but the ability to add features like shopping carts and payment processing without any real need for hard-coding
looks like a nice change of pace.

In all, I hope that this semester’s crash course on different Content Management Systems will be an enlightening one.


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